hopeless despairing masquerade

welcome to my hopeless despairing masquerade

ohmygod i dont even

my creativity break


retro #2!

retro wallpapers

in ip5, 1080p and 2K flavors!

well i managed to screw my pc entirely by replacing just one file

ill be back soon with more stuff, i promise!

if you’re wondering where i get my mockup files from, visit http://www.pixeden.com/!

triangular world lmao

fun fact i dont even use a mac (that rhymed)

taking a break from anime lmao

ayy lmao ayanos wallpapers

doing ayano’s soon ayy

long time no post ayy


some tv head chiaki because I saw it on my dash and ahh best

it’s transparent

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Hey guys!
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And I’ll check out your blog

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